Submersible Pump Services

Downhole Equipment Maintenance/Installation

Submersible Pumps offers quality service to maintain, test, install, and repair equipment designed by a variety of manufacturers.  Our manufacturing associates and field serve technicians are highly skilled and responsive to the needs of our customers.  Our Field Service Technicians are qualified and experienced in providing first class installation of all equipment for electrical submersible pumps.  They serve our customers efficiently and within the boundaries of safety.

Equipment Preservation

Submersible Pumps offers services to preserve the condition of equipment and prevent rust and corrosion during periods of storage.

Equipment Repair

Our manufacturing and field service associates are well trained in assembly and repair of ESP equipment. We offer reliable repairs and quick turnaround times.

Equipment Rental

Long-term equipment rental is a service we offer to fit the financial and capital needs of the production company. We also offer short term rentals to allow for evaluation of the production capacity of the well.

Equipment Testing

Testing services allow the proper evaluation of equipment sizing as well as equipment wear and performance.