"F" Terms

Floating Impellers- This is the ESP pump where all of the axial thrust is put on the downthrust washers as opposed to a compression pump that puts all of the axial thrust on the main thrust bearing located in the protector.

Flowing Bottomhole Pressure- The pressure at the bottom of the well that is measured once the well flow becomes stable.  Typically this is reported in pounds per square inch or head in feet.

Flowing Well- When a well in the early stages of its life naturally flows fluid to the surface simply using the pressure from the bottom of the well.

Fluid Flow Velocity- The velocity, typically in feet/sec, of the fluid flowing past the outside of the motor to the intake of an ESP installation.  This velocity must be known because if it is too high erosion the equipment will occur.  If it is too low the motor will overheat and fail. 

Fluid over Pump- The amount of fluid in feet sitting above an ESP when a well is either in a static or producing state

Free Gas Handling Ability- The ability of an ESP pump to move well fluids from a well that contain high contents of gas in the well fluids that can potentially gas lock pumps.